Contact Information


I am an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department of St. Mary's College of California. My passions are STEM education, the foundations of programming language theory, and youth outreach in math/computer science.

I completed my PhD in 2023 as a part of the PPLV group in the Computer Science Department of University College London. I had the privilege of being supervised by Alexandra Silva and Jurriaan Rot. The subject of my thesis, Coalgebraic Completeness Theorems for Effectful Process Algebras, was a generalization of the completeness theorem for Guarded Kleene Algebra with Tests (GKAT), presented by Smolka et al. in 2019, to any process algebra consisting of action sequencing, an algebraic effect, and basic recursion.

I am generally intereted in the algebraic, coalgebraic, and logical foundations of program semantics. My research aims to apply the theory of iteration, monad presentations, and logics for coinductive relations to process algebra. Nonstandard approaches to program semantics are also highly entertaining to me (I think a lot about fractals and making music with transition systems).

If we happen share interests, please write! I'm always happy to make a new pen pal.

Below is a picture of me in a Frodo costume at 11 years old.

Outside of theoretical computer science, I make electronic music, think about rescue dogs, and do a bit of climbing.


02/2024 I have accepted a job at Bucknell University starting in the Fall. See you in Pennsylvania!
02/2024 I have been invited to speak in the LLAMA Seminar at the ILLC on May 29th.
01/2024 My thesis corrections were finally approved and my thesis is now somewhere in the UCL database! If you find it, please let me know, because I haven't been able to. I put a copy of it here instead.
12/2023 A project submitted to SRiM at the Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute along with Corina Cirstea, Larry Moss, Victoria Noquez, Alexandra Silva, and Ana Sokolova was accepted! Looks like I'll be hanging around Berkeley, CA in July.
09/2023 I gave a talk on transition systems, generative music, and fractals at the Saint Mary's College of California Math Colloquium.
07/2023 I was invited to give a talk at the Boston Computation Club! It was a tutorial on coequations based on my paper with Fred Dahlqvist.
07/2023 My assistant professor position at St Mary's College began.
06/2023 At CALCO, Victoria Noquez presented our framework for interpreting certain process terms as recipes for fractal sets. Based on the paper Fractals from Regular Behaviours, authored by myself, Victoria Noquez, and Larry Moss. Actually, we won Best Paper at CALCO!
06/2023 My PhD viva took place. I passed!
04/2023 I presented a completeness theorem for Skip-free Guarded Kleene Algebra with Tests at ESOP, based on the paper by Tobias Kappé, myself, and Alexandra Silva.
04/2023 Taught a class on Sonic Pi as part of the youth outreach event Expanding Your Horizons.
02/2023 I was an invited speaker in the Cornell University Programming Languages Discussion Group (PLDG).
11/2022 I was an invited speaker in the Boston University POPV seminar. While I was there, I got to talk shop with Cheng Zhang and Arthur Azevedo de Amorim about commutative Kleene algebra (wow that stuff is hard).
11/2022 I visited Larry Moss and Victoria Noquez at Indiana University Bloomington. I was also an invited speaker in the IU Bloomington Logic Seminar, where I talked about my recipes for process calculi.
08/2022 Research visit from Tobias Kappé. Took an honest crack at proving completeness of GKAT, and we got as far as completeness for skip-free GKAT!
08/2022 Had a blast presenting some monads on Pos at BLAST 2022.
07/2022 Presented the processes parametrised by framework at ICALP 2022.
05/2022 Research visit from Wojtek Rozowski.
04/2022 Research visit from Jana Wagemaker. Started thinking about how to add hypotheses to GKAT.
04/2022 Internship at Cornell University begins.
02/2022 Day trip to Rice University, in Houston, Texas, to visit Konstaninos Mamouras. Ate authentic Texas BBQ and gave a lecture on the free algebra construction.
02/2022 Appointment at Radboud University ended. Unofficially borrowed an office at LSU, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
09/2021 Became a guest researcher in the Software Sciences group at Radboud University, in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
08/2021 Presented at MFPS 2021 and then promptly slept in for Fred Dahlqvist's presentation of our Pearl submission at CALCO 2021 (In my defense, it was very early in the morning because I was on the other side of the world!).
07/2021 Presented at ICALP 2021.
09/2019 Started my PhD studies with the PPLV group at UCL, in London, UK.